Customer Care / Code of Conduct

We believe it is essential for taxi operators {Drivers} to conduct themselves in such a way as to enhance the image of the industry.

i.   Drivers must be friendly, co-operative and have a peaceful attitude towards their customers and colleagues at all times.

ii.  Operators must listen carefully to passengers concerns, complains, identify problem areas and take appropriate action to remedy the situation.

iii. The use of alcohol during working hours (including any unlawful drugs) will not be tolerated and will be dealt with most severely by REAL CABS

Types Of Services Rendered

  1. • Best Cab / Taxi service in Gauteng (24 Hours )
    • Affordable Meter rates
    • Airport transfers (pick-ups-drop off) and Tours

    Corporate contracts e.g.  :
    Late staff  home delivery (after working overtime) rendered to banks, insurance companies, institutions... etc     
    Use REAL CABS - for your convenience, if your company car is busy

    NB. So call us- to get a SLIP BOOK. remember no cash is involved sinceyou get invoiced at the end of the month. The driver is issued a slip for distance traveled

    REMEMBER – Staff that feels safe becomes more productive


Real Cabs charges one tariff at all times.
The company uses a meter where no negotiations have taken place.
Real Cabs will not tolerate any over charging of customers, and

will investigate and deal with any complains in that regard.